Decorative industry printing case


Case product:          TXC2513E
Printable size:          2500*1300mm
Practical range:        TV, porch wall printing, tile printing, wooden door, glass door printing, ceiling printing, etc.
Printing materials:   paper, cloth, glass, plastic, wood, crystal, stone, leather, metal, ceramics, stickers, etc.

            TXC Small-sized UV flatbed printer can well satisfy most of the enterprise or the individual, and large-scale flatbed printer can be available to bulk printing for the small and medium-sized enterprise. The product are widely used in different fields: Glass, Clothing, Furniture, Signage, Decoration, Housing, Exhibition, Packaging, and Textile, etc. They can also be applied to whatever rigid or flexible materials: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Reflection film, Canvas, Carpet, Leather, Glass, China, Metal, Ceiling, Aluminum panel, Board ( Acrylic board, Perspex sheet, Foam board, and Corrugated board), etc.