How to install uv flatbed printer properly?


 First ensure that the UV flatbed printer is operating normally, the ground connection of the machine is normal, and the voltage supplied by the nozzle is normal! You can use a meter to test the main components of the machine for static electricity.
       Secondly, use software to test whether the UV flatbed printer is operating normally, whether the raster reading is normal, and whether the indicator light is normal! The operator's hand should not have sweat or moisture, because touching the nozzle line plug once it is inserted into the nozzle may cause the nozzle to short circuit.
       Check whether the data plug of the UV flatbed printer has a raised pin. Is it flat? It is better to use a new plug wire and plug it into the sprinkler. Do not insert any tilt. The head mark of the nozzle line is generally divided into two sides, one side is in contact with the circuit, the other side is not in contact with the circuit, and the direction is not wrong. After inserting it, it must be checked several times to confirm that there is no problem in installing the nozzle on the small frame.
       UV flat-panel printer nozzles are all installed after checking three to five times, confirm that there is no problem after turning on the power, it is best not to open the nozzle, first use the ink pump to lead the ink, and then open the nozzle power. First check if the flashing is normal. The flashing is normal and the installation is successful. If the flash is not normal, please turn off the power immediately to check if there is something wrong.