What affect the printing quality?


There are several points which will affect the printing quality. First, we need a printer with high output quality. Secondly, it is not enough to have a printer with high output quality. The ink has a great influence on the print quality, and if the quality is inferior or Counterfeit consumables can greatly shorten the life of the printer. Finally, paper is also a key part of the quality of the print. As long as you have the above three points, it is a good idea to print a high-quality document or picture. Today, TXC Printing brings you a way to improve print quality, making it easy for users who are looking for high-quality output to make reference.
There are many factors that determine the quality of the printed image. For example, to print a high quality image, you need:
1. The original image needs to be clear, the contrast brightness should be appropriate, and there are enough effective pixels;
2. Before printing, properly edit the picture and trim the picture defect. If you need to print photos, the resolution should be equal to or greater than 1220dpi;
3. The printer has enough print resolution. The print quality is set to high quality and the high speed print mode is removed.
4. Do not use inferior or expired ink. It is best to use original ink.