The main function of uv printer


1. Print pictures on any flat material. Such as: tiles, glass, wood, painted lacquered panels, aluminum alloys, other home improvement materials.
       2, printable object thickness: 0-200mm
       3, the printing process is simple, without any professional printing knowledge, no screen making, printing directly, computer configuration once printing.
       4, a large number of small amount of money consistent, printing costs are relatively low, saving labor, shorten the construction period.
       5. With professional color management software, you can change the color anytime and anywhere, no need to pay the rated cost.
       6. One step to complete, that is, ready to print, satisfied with the demand for products.
       7. The unit price can be printed in large quantities and can be matched with template printing, saving time and effort, full color image, once completed, progressive color completely reaches the photo quality result, accurate positioning, and zero scrap rate.
       8. It takes only 30 minutes to master and manufacture fine products without professional skills.